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About Planet Sun


Planet Sun is a suncare company based on the island of Oahu, Hawaii.

We specialize in Performance Suncare and UV Protection - from head to toe.

We develop products that protect and keep people healthy in some of the most demanding conditions imaginable. The core of our Planet consists of athletes and physicians (docs and jocs) who develop, test, and deliver our products and services. One thing that makes us unique, is that we are not just a sunscreen company, but a suncare company that offers a comprehensive approach to UV protection. All of our products are born in Hawaii then tested and validated at some of the most challenging sporting events, expeditions and adventures on Earth. Beyond developing and selling high quality suncare products, we dedicate a great deal of effort to suncare education and advocacy. We approach this role with great care and attention, and as leaders, we see it as one of our most important responsibilities. Planet Sun is a standing member of the Hawaii Skin Cancer Coalition, and through this organization, we volunteer our time and knowledge to support a myriad of public events, and other areas such as developing sun-safe curriculum for public schools.

To this day, Planet Sun remains a small, privately owned endeavor that is led and sustained by few very special and very dedicated people. This is not a venture capitalist funded science project, nor a subsidiary of some industry juggernaut that owns several other companies, who's primary focus is on the bottom-line. No sir, no ma'am.... this thing is for real.


To protect people living actively in the sun.


To Revolutionize and Energize Suncare...and be the Coolest company on Earth.
Leaders and pioneers of the industry, delivering the most innovative sun care products imaginable. Offering unique solutions that enable everyone to live and play safe in the sun- without worry or hassle. Changing the way people think about and approach UV protection.

Things that Define Us

  • A genuine passion for adventure, sports and living life to the fullest.
  • A perpetual commitment to staying healthy and achieving peak physical fitness.
  • An uncanny obsession with high quality gear and equipment.
  • Untiring devotion to nurture our families, friends, tradition and the Earth.

Guiding Principles

We are Leaders and Innovators in the sun care industry. Help shape the future of our industry- Be the Visionaries and Pioneers of this stuff. Be Brave, be Bold. Develop and deliver industry firsts, develop standards. Explore, look and exist way outside of the box. Make a difference. Lead by Example in all that we do.

We are a wellness company. We exist to improve people's lives. We deliver products and services that help people stay healthy and well. We set the example of good health and wellness ourselves. We personify total wellness in all that we do. * "Live and play safe in the sun" is the mantra here.

We offer a comprehensive approach to Sun care and UV protection. This is what makes us special and different than the rest. Give people options in sun care- sunscreen lotions are only one means! Create Concepts. Create Systems. Create solutions.

We develop and deliver Solutions, not merely products (Alternatives and options)

Deliver products and services that make a difference. Develop and deliver the BEST we possibly can. No time for junk here. Place fanatic attention to detail an all that we do. Place fanatic attention on research and development. Deliver the coolest and most meaningful products going- We want people to say our products and say "WOW!" or "I really need something like this!" Create products that work scientifically and please esthetically. Blow people's minds!

We offer Outstanding Products at Reasonable Prices.

Deliver products that work and are good for people. Foremost, a product has to work or people wont use it. It is senseless to develop the healthiest product in the world if it does not function or fulfill its intended purpose.

Create a Culture. Create an Experience, Create Meaning. A "Sun Safe" culture that fosters good health and wellness. We are not simply manufacturers, we are teachers and guides. We motivate and inspire. Establish an environment and conditions that enable customers, friends and associates to actively participate in what we do. Give them a part of this thing- welcome the world to what we are doing.

Maintain the Planet Sun Magic- and Mojo! Keep this thing Fun, and Exciting. Sun care is "Fun Care". Get people excited, turn them on! Have a blast! Lots of Color, lots of Magic!

Make EVERYTHING as easy, simple and fast for our customers and associates alike.

Contribute. Somehow, some way- as much as we can. To the people, to earth.

Anything is possible. Dream, Believe, Achieve. Adapt, Improvise, Overcome. Think happy thoughts.

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